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Uploaded on 2018/07/11

beautiful panorama of mountainous landscape. view from the edge of a hillside with cliffs. Borzhava ridge and Runa mountain in the distance. village down in the valley. lovely summer scenery grassy hillside view from above. beautiful summer landscape of mountainous area. huge clouds a bright day. rain on the far distant mountain foot path uphill in to the forest. lovely summer scenery. hiking and outdoor activities concept. dark cloudy sky. path across the grassy hill. lovely summer scenery. hiking and outdoor activities concept. dark cloudy sky. lovely scenery in fagaras mountains. beautiful nature of Romania. hillsides of the ridge rolling in to the distance more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/07/04

rising clouds on lake Balea. beautiful summer landscape of popular tourist attraction. one of the most visited locations near the Tranfagarasan road area of lake Balea in clouds. Gorgeous summer landscape of Fagarasan mountains, Romania. popular tourist location panorama of Capra lake, Romania. gorgeous landscape of Fagarasan mountains on a cloudy summer day serpentine of Transfagarasan road in mountains. lovely transportation background winding serpentine of the TransFagarasan road. beautiful transportation background. popular tourist destination in Romania more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/06/27

trees in golden foliage on streets. beautiful autumn scenery on old town Uzhgorod, Ukraine hills of Runa mountain in late summer. lovely landscape with fire weed flowers in front and forest in the distance. road passes the slope wild mountain river in forest. lovely autumn scenery of Carpathian nature wild mountain river with rocky shore. lovely autumn scenery of Carpathian nature among the ancient forests of Synevyr National Park giant boulder and small cascade on the river. lovely autumn scenery of Carpathian nature. location near the village Lumshory, TransCarpathia, Ukraine more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/06/20

forest on grassy meadow in autumn. beautiful sunrise in mountains. colorful foliage on trees forest on grassy meadow in autumn at sunrise. forested mountains in the distance. colorful foliage on trees mountainous forest and clouds. tall spruce trees on hillside. mountain peak and valley in the distance. gorgeous cloudscape. Location Apuseni Natural Park of Romania. wonderful nature background cloud inversion in autumn mountains. beautiful morning scenery of Carpathian mountains. Colorful foliage on hillside. thick fog float in valley. trees along the rural fields in morning haze. lovely agriculture scenery in autumn. forested hill in the distance. beautiful countryside background more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/06/13

row of boulders on the hillside. lovely view from Runa mountain, Ukraine. cloudy august morning boulders on the edge of hillside. lovely view from Runa mountain, Ukraine. cloudy august morning boulders on the edge of hillside. lovely view from Runa mountain, Ukraine. cloudy august morning tree along the road through snowy hillside. lovely winter forenoon in mountains. spruce forest in the distance village down the hill on winter sunset. lovely mountainous countryside of Carpathians. spruce forest on top of the hill under the evening cloudy sky. cold weather more photos here ...

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