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Uploaded on 2018/08/08

city park in deep autumn. lovely urban scenery in the morning. natural colorful background forest path covered in weathered foliage. wooden fence along the edge. beautiful autumn scene in evening light forest path covered in weathered foliage. wooden fence along the edge. beautiful autumn scene in evening light man hands cut the grapes. autumn harvesting scene. natural crop gathering concept man hands cut the grapes. autumn harvesting scene. natural crop gathering concept more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/08/05

bunch of white grape vine hanging on a brunch. lovely harvest time background white grape vine hanging on a brunch. close up in yellow foliage spruce forest on a grassy hill side meadow in mountains. wonderful warm weather with beautiful sky in autumn spot of light on a rolling hills. beautiful countryside in mountains. dramatic autumn weather huge rocks on the grassy mountain side. wonderful summer landscape more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/08/03

beautiful summer landscape in mountains. green grassy hillside and blue mountains in the distance. stunning  nature background grassy meadow on hillside. huge rocky formation. beautiful summer scenery in wonderful weather. cattle of cow grazing on a grassy pasture. road winds uphill in to the forest country road down the hill in to the forest. beautiful scenery of Carpathian nature. high mountain ridge in the distance rocky formation on a forested hillside. beautiful summer landscape in mountains. gorgeous sky with high fluffy clouds more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/07/30

rural area around the town. grassy hill and agricultural fields. High tatra mountain ridge in the distance. view from the top of a castle tower boulders on a grassy slope. beautiful summer scenery. lovely nature background rocks among the grass on a hillside. mountain in the distance under the wide cloud formation primeval beech forest of Carpathian mountains. Svydovets ridge in the distance. beautiful nature scenery. lovely summer landscape of Svydovets. huge boulder on a grassy meadow. spruce and beech forest on a hillside. wide ridge in the distance under the beautiful cloud more photos here ...

Uploaded on 2018/07/29

mountainous landscape around the castle. old town and river in the valley. mountain ridge in the distance. view from the top of a tower grassy slope with rocks on high altitude in mountains. beautiful summer landscape of Carpathians grassy rural field on hillside. few haystack and tree on a slope. lovely countryside afternoon grassy meadow and beech forest on hillside. Apetska mountain in the distance. lovely summer afternoon with some clouds on the blue sky panorama of beautiful mountainous rural area. village down in the valley. agricultural fields on hills more photos here ...

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