Nature and Landscape Portfolio

fir trees on hillside meadow with conifer forest in fog under the blue sky before sunrise
few trees on agricultural meadow with flowers on  hillside near forest in morning light
cold morning fog with red hot sunrise in the mountains in the morning
fir trees on hillside meadow with conifer forest in fog under the blue sky before sunrise
rural landscape with road to mountain through forest and agricultural meadow with fence and few  trees in late autumn foggy and frosty morning
crossroads of mountain roads near the woods and glade in the morning mist
landscape by the lake in the early morning. coniferous forest near the lake and the forest mountain
Savory among the grass on the hillside cool early morning
white sharp stones on the hillside in hight mountains
landscape with mountains trees and a river in front
rays of the morning sun breaking through the clouds and fog to the clearing of coniferous forests
incredibly beautiful and clean little waterfall with several cascades over large stones in the forest comes out of a huge rock covered with moss
big white square stone on top of the mountain before the summer storm
huge and majestic stones on top of the mountain by the road near the forest hirizontal
camping place on rocky shore of mountain river near the forest on dull day
view on lake near the pine forest on mountain background
green meadow with fir trees in the mountainous area
view from a rocky cliff to full of fog valley with conifer forest in high mountains of Apuseni Natural Park in Romania

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